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Unsure of Your Marriage?

You want to be in a fulfilling marriage but have struggled for years and wonder if it’s even possible to achieve with your current spouse. In fact, you may have found yourself wondering if your marriage might have been the biggest mistake of your life.
I understand because I’ve had the same doubts. You doubt it’s possible for things to change or if you even have the energy or desire to try anymore. Maybe he’s not a bad guy, but maybe he’s not the guy for you? The struggle of uncertainty is one that many, if not most, marriages will face.

It Can Get Better

My name is Catherine Van Wert. I am a Certified Life Coach, through The Life Coach School. I have been married for over 22 years and I help women create connection and emotional intimacy with their spouse.
I’ve walked in your shoes, and that means I understand what you are going through on a personal level. Like you, I’ve fluctuated between feeling hopeful (I am going to fix this!!) and helpless (screw this, I hate my life). I’ve felt insecure and unloved. Sometimes I felt trapped in my circumstances. I was sure he would never change, even though I hoped that he would. I didn’t want to be married but I didn’t want a divorce. Does this sound familiar?

Fast-forward to today and things are different. Now I am so very grateful that my husband and I persevered because I can’t imagine not having what we have now. We have meaningful conversations. We laugh. We enjoy each other’s company. We still disagree but without the same level of drama we had before. We recover more quickly. We enjoy common interests but when we do our own thing we aren’t disconnected.

Create The Love You Crave

Just through my own personal experience alone, I know it’s highly possible to reignite passion, love, and affection. I teach clients foundational principles and coach them on how to effectively apply them. Sadly, these principles are missing in most marriage counseling, but they are the ones that can actually facilitate transformation within your marriage and yourself!

Each day filled with uncertainty, anger, and resentment is another lost opportunity to be happy. And isn’t that what we want? Just to be happy? It’s so easy to discount the value of each day until you consider that our lives are the collection of our daily experiences. Each day counts. You can take effective action once you clear the confusion on why your relationship isn’t working. More than just learning the tools, coaching means you get personalized, tailored guidance on how to actually apply them to your specific situation. Coaching also means that you will be able to effectively navigate your options when you feel disappointed with an undesired response or reaction from your spouse. This means you can create the kind of relationship you want with your spouse instead of feeling stuck with the one that you have. That is good news!

Don’t waste another tear or another day feeling discouraged or numb. Schedule a Q and A call with me today so we can connect. You can ask me anything. You can tell me why you think your marriage is impossible. You can ask how coaching is different than counseling. Or maybe you just want to vent to someone who won’t judge you. In about 30 minutes, I can answer your questions and give you at least one idea on how to improve your marriage.