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  • Catherine can hone in on your most subtle biases and expose the wonky logic that reinforces them. She is generous but relentless, inviting you to take a look at the areas where you blame others for your your experience instead of taking responsibility. She insists that we are not victims of our circumstances, but that we can actually choose our lives–a message that’s simultaneously brutal and liberating. It applies to any situation, be it a creative endeavor, a business enterprise, or a relationship struggle. Her coaching was invaluable to me for the spotlight she shone on my cloaked resistance to growth and my ill-conceived control issues.

  • I am so grateful to have been able to work with Catherine as my Life Coach. I had been really struggling with a decision about my career, and in our first session she helped me think about it much more clearly. Since then, she has been so great in helping me see new and different perspectives on various problems. She asks really thought provoking questions and she is very genuine. I always feel like she is fully invested in our sessions. I highly recommend working with her!

  • Catherine is a compassionate listener and yet is able to cut through the emotional drama to reach the core issue. She helped me to reason on the question: what kind of person do I want to be? Catherine can help you too!

  • I thought Catherine could help me with accountability and a gentle push to help me go forward. Actually she did more than that and helped me get in touch with my desire to be kinder and more gentle with myself, to listen to my own needs better. This completely changed my life in a very sudden way. It wasn’t an easy ride but I got to see through this process more clearly who I am and what I am capable of. I also learned to honor my needs and intuition better. I am still in the process but I can already say that working with Catherine has been the start of a completely new life.

  • I have been coaching with Catherine and found that I was able to take action and feel better about my marriage. I was working with a therapist before I started working with Catherine, and I feel like I was able to make more progress in the time that I worked with her than when I was working with my therapist. Those felt more like paid venting sessions, but working with Catherine actually moved me forward.